A downloadable diving adventure

There is a river that has existed for as long as you have, for as long as even the eldest among you. It has cut through your lives. It takes and it gives. You sometimes wonder just how deep it really goes.

You are a Finder. You, with your brave heart, swim through its currents, brave its whirlpools, and understand its undercurrents. Still, there is much left lost in the deep. What will you find and what will you give to the River?


In The Deep, Deep River is a GM-less narrative game for 2-4 people that seeks to explore  the many things that we would rather keep deeply buried in the ocean of ourselves.  It uses a d10 dice pool system for its resolution with unique mechanics to determine success and failure. 

Simple and seamless, this game is great for online play via play-by-post. 


In the Deep, Deep River was originally created for Scrapsburgers Anthology of Games, coming soon to Kickstarter. The Kickstarter version will contain exclusive art, a swanky new layout with slightly different content!

Thank you to Scrapsburgers for bringing me into this amazing anthology!


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