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You are sentient succulent sorcerers, awakened by the amazing power that flows through you from the Mother Succulent. But the bugs are hungry, and beyond your home live the Creepy Crawlies from the Unkept. They are coming! 

Will you be brave enough to wield the power that lies within you?

Updated 12 hours ago
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorDiwata ng Manila
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, micro-rpg, plants


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Succulent Sorcerers Community Copies

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I played this game with my sister on a sleepy sunday morning - a lot of rpgs can be a hard sell to a tired newbie but this one is cute, friendly, quick and welcoming, from the drawing space in the character sheets to the adventure seeds to the bright and appealing layout. The revelation that there's three more of these plant adventuring minirpgs was very welcome. Thanks for writing this; very much recommended when you just want to get into cute plant adventures in a couple spare hours.


Reading this was a delight. I am happy you enjoyed. Thank you for getting my game!