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You are sentient succulent sorcerers, awakened by the amazing power that flows through you from the Mother Succulent. But the bugs are hungry, and beyond your home live the Creepy Crawlies from the Unkept. They are coming! 

Will you be brave enough to wield the power that lies within you?

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
AuthorDiwata ng Manila
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, micro-rpg, plants


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Succulent Sorcerers Community Copies

Buying a copy of Succulent Sorcerers lets you help someone grab a copy of the game! I really want more people to get to know the game better, so here goes. 

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This is a perfect game for those new to TTRPGS. My friend GMed for the first time and drew us a map of my own backyard! It was so cute and fun to be a gentle but dangerous plant.

i'm glad you had a lot of fun!


I ran this game for some friends over a year ago, with some friends who just needed a small game in between midterms and projects. They ADORED it and I have a few who are excited about visiting Petal Paladins next. We created a greenhouse where we are hoping all of the different plant classes will partake in adventures, and I may have set up some lore about a daisy that will (hopefully) be revisited when we finally pick up the next plant game. Thank you for such a cozy, cute, and altogether wholesome experience!


I played this with my two younger brothers a few days ago and we had an amazing time. It actually went so smoothly (and was so fun!) that I'm going to be organising a run of it for my college's LGBTA society :^) 

I definitely recommend this lil ttrpg, and I will for sure be playing the other 3!


All I have done with this is designed a little character for it for #PCember, but the game is a REALLY cute premise. I can't wait to get the chance to actually play this.

Need a rules light system with cute little sentient, magical plants as PCs? Fighting against bugs?!?! This is the game for you. 


Just realized that itch's review system works the way it does, and that review text is basically invisible to everyone.  The ethical workaround seems to be to just comment reviews onto games, so I guess here goes.


Succulent Sorcerers has a cool concept, great implicit lore, fantastic character sheets, and it's short and compact. It might need a GM ruling on a few minor mechanics during play, but the spirit of the game comes through very strong, and it's very easy to pick up.

If you like quirky, unique settings about plants, or if the phrase Backyardic Sorcery entices you, this is very much worth checking out.


I played this game with my sister on a sleepy sunday morning - a lot of rpgs can be a hard sell to a tired newbie but this one is cute, friendly, quick and welcoming, from the drawing space in the character sheets to the adventure seeds to the bright and appealing layout. The revelation that there's three more of these plant adventuring minirpgs was very welcome. Thanks for writing this; very much recommended when you just want to get into cute plant adventures in a couple spare hours.


Reading this was a delight. I am happy you enjoyed. Thank you for getting my game!